Artworks by Genre

Illumination Collection

Statement & depth

This series called ‘Illumination’ is about the materiality of the paint, strong, smooth, glossy, exciting all of these possibilities tempered by gentle greys, pinks and delicate blues to allow the viewer to use their own creativity to place their own interpretation on the work.

For those who want something new, different, unique and unusual, these works have it all. Large format, striking, making a statement on there own, with surprising depth created by layers of paint with hidden marks showing through the different surfaces.

Muir’s works are unique, difficult to copy and collectable pieces on heavy canvas and heavy duty bars that will stand the journey of time.


Why choose the colours?

I choose the colours to show naturein all its glory with the gentle olive of leaf matter, delicate blues in the sky and sparkles of white reflections.

How I prepared for Collection?
The collection progresses from small watercolours of my ideas, to the canvas where I start to build up the colours and the texture.

What were my emotions?

My emotions are controlled by walking twice daily looking and imersing myself in nature beside our local creek, naturally a feeling of calmness occurs in such an idylic setting.