Artworks by Genre

New Moon Collection

Delicate energy & gentle colour

This series started in 2012 when my daughter sent me her photograph from the 27th floor of a hotel in Hong Kong where rain was touching the window with buildings and a city delicately hidden in the subtle colour.

These paintings have a delicate energy pulsating through the gentle colour on the surface.

Layers of oil paint, hidden shadows and lustrous colour all pull together in this series of paintings appropriately named New Moon.

Why choose the colours?
I choose the colours to show contrasts, light dark, strong, soft, this collection is abstract and needs the viewer to react with their own thoughts. The canvases are large and take the eye through the texture and colours.

How I prepared for Collection?
The collection is on large canvases which involved a great deal of lifting and several easels, the oils takes time to dry and must be left alone in between layers to keep the paint clean and not muddied.

What were my emotions?
I love a large canvas, it energises me and encourages me to make my mark, subtly and with enough interest to intrique the viewer. It takes time and control to wait to see how a work evolves and take it through the dance of delicacy to strength.