Artworks by Genre

Renaissance Collection

Bold, vibrant Reds

This series started four years ago when I was thinking of my early formative days in Rome with the beauty of old frescos, slightly damaged but still showing bits of gold and former beauty. Venice’s faded glory enhanced this memory of hidden treasures under layers of paint.

These paintings have an immense energy pulsating through the vivid colour almost coming to life.

Layers of oil paint, hidden shadows and lustrous colour all pull together in this series of paintings appropriately named from different buildings or locations in the area of EUR Rome or Esposizione Universale Roma, where we lived.


Why choose the colours?
The red was chosen for passion and drama, the gold for beauty, the many layers seemed to have energy and life.

How I prepared for Collection?
The collection was dramatic and loud, making a huge impact on a wall, it radiates heat so that I can only work with red paintings in winter, this series took several years to put together.

What were my emotions?

Excitement happens with red paintings, energy, only for the brave. It definitely shows the difference of my winter work to my summer work which is gentle and reflective.