Softness & Strength, Chromatic & Contexual


Distant Trees :: 801X101cms :: Ref #5377

Distant trees leads the viewer in at the first gentle waves of the waterway taking you across sandbanks, ripples of water to the distant shore where the trees start to appear. The work has texture created with slabs of oil paint which gives years of interest and intrigue.

Gentle Breeze :: 91x122cms :: #5371

Gentle Breeze has lovely soft colours in the sky with lots of motion indicated by the texture of the oil paint applied with a knife. The foreground of rocks and soil is indicated by reds and darks to bring the eye to the solid base.

Rock Pools :: 122X153cms :: #0304

Rock Pools has a golden light that gives joy to the viewer, then the intricacy and detail of the textured pools of water on rocks and sand with subtle green growth coming through leads you to the distant shrubs trees and hills.

Rivers Edge :: 91x122cms :: #5469

Rivers Edge has a strong lead in of deep dark greens and burgundys taking you to the centre of the water way where yellows start to shine in the sun then your eye moves to the distant where gentle creams and whites take your mind to restful relaxation
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Why choose the colours?

I choose the colours to show contrasts, light dark, strong, soft, especially to show distance. Some colours in particular yellow show happiness whereas lilac can indicate thoughtfullness.

How I prepared for Collection?

The collection comes together with works of a similar theme, showing progress with seasons, alterations in light with a nod to nature indicating water or landscape.

What were my emotions?

Calmness, energy, happiness, are all coming together in the paintings but most of all peace. I walk twice a day beside a local creek or the beach where being near water calms my soul.